Hello there, my name is
Gaëtan Bloch.
I'm a Polyglot Software Engineer,
International Speaker,
and Book Author.
I am currently working as a Software Architect and Staff Engineer at Key Consulting in Nantes, France.
I have more than 11 years of experience as Software Engineer and Web Developer, with a strong focus on the JVM, JavaScript and Golang ecosystem.

About me

Hello everyone!

Over the past 11 years, I've cultivated a diverse and enriching professional journey in JAPAN and FRANCE. My career has taken me through various sectors, such as AI, Finance, Industry 4.0, Insurance, Automobile, Employment and Government agencies. I've also worked for high-paced Private and Open-source startups and numerous consulting companies: Orange Business Services, Akkodis, Alliance 4U, and Publicis Sapient, thus working with dynamic teams and employing various methodologies, both onsite and remotely.

I specialize in tackling project challenges in development, architecture, integration, configuration, deployment, observability, and evolution. I've navigated various software architectures in both on-premise and cloud-native environments, from simple monoliths to complex microservices, micro frontends, and serverless systems. I'm particularly passionate about High Availability projects, focusing on resilience, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery.

Additionally, I'm actively involved with Geekle, a company dedicated to organizing conferences and meetups for software engineers, architects, and leaders. I contribute as a speaker, moderator, and member of the acceptance committee for global high-tech summits. Beyond conference organization, I love delivering podcasts, writing technical articles, contributing to open-source projects, and sharing my code on GitHub. I'm driven by a relentless desire to learn every day and equally enthusiastic about sharing knowledge with others.This perpetual learning and sharing spirit is what continually propels me forward in my career and personal growth.